Added Value

Through our experience, track record and dedicated mid-market focus we understand the key principles of running a fast growing, successful company and the pitfalls to avoid.

Our approach to every investment is underpinned by our value creation plan. The VCP is a road map that details key profit activities, milestones and develops key metrics and dashboards for tracking performance. The VCP is used as an ongoing part of the board agenda.

Network of Contacts

We manage an extensive network of senior executives who have significant experience in leading successful businesses across a range of industries.

We align these executives to the relevant investee company to provide guidance, insight and support. A member of our network will often join the board in a non-executive director or chairman capacity. These leaders have experience across a broad spectrum including; sector expertise, international expansion, digitisation, human capital planning, acquisitions and integration. We draw upon this expertise to meet the needs of the team and key growth drivers of the business.