Our role isn’t to tell you how to run your own business, but to complement your skills with new ideas, strategic thinking and proven approaches

We’re not claiming to be sector experts, yet we have deep industry experience across five sectors having made multiple investments across each one. Due to our sector credentials, we understand the market dynamics and which growth strategies and value creation projects to prioritise.

We have built strong relationships with founders, non-executive directors and operational specialists who operate within these sectors. Together we can help you to accelerate growth opportunities, while introducing contacts to broaden your board dynamic.

Business Services

The UK business services sector is a large and growing industry where growth via a buy and build strategy or organically enables players of scale to be developed.

Our experience specifically includes testing & inspection, infrastructure services, recruitment and asset management and hire.

We seek opportunities in these sub sectors where businesses are regulated or have high levels of accreditation and where high levels of recurring service and maintenance income is generated. We also look for businesses that have a digitised platform or where there is a clear opportunity to develop one. We will focus on those businesses with high margins due to the quality of their service levels.

Consumer & Leisure

We have significant experience across a wide range of consumer-facing industries.

We are looking to back businesses that have a standout brand and identifiable proposition. An ecommerce presence with significant opportunity to innovate and scale and a repeat customer base, showing high levels of customer satisfaction are also important investment factors.

Financial Services

The UK’s financial services industry is a dynamic and innovative sector that still presents an abundance of opportunities driven by regulatory and technological change.

Our experience spans across sub sectors such as insurance, wealth management and trust and corporate services and we continue to focus on opportunities where customer outcomes and a comprehensive compliance approach are fundamentals and where opportunities for digital transformation within the end product or back office support are clear.

Health & Education

Healthcare remains an industry with stable deal activity and there is opportunity to consolidate highly fragmented and high-margin businesses, while education is essential to personal well-being and long-term economic prosperity and sits at the centre of innovation and progress across a variety of industries.

Whilst the healthcare industry still remains one of the least digitalised, this presents significant opportunity for us to help these businesses become tech enabled. Our healthcare credentials span a spectrum of sub sectors from medical products and devices to the provision of care and pharma services within healthcare.

Our investments operate within corporate learning, privately funded training and government funded courses and apprenticeships in education. We are actively looking for forward-thinking businesses eager to reinvent education, learning and development for the better whilst innovating through the use of technology.


Across cloud, data, and security our investments maximise growth opportunities that an evolving tech sector demands to consistently deliver market leading positions.

We are interested in meeting tech businesses that are looking to grow organically or via acquisition, well positioned to leverage opportunities in cloud and digital transformation, have an established platform looking to consolidate their market, with a vertical focus or specialism and a clear technology roadmap.

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